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Joining The Employers’ Association is a cost-effective decision. Your annual membership fee provides a wide range of services to prevent HR problems. Members have access to salary surveys, compliance help, and management advice at no additional cost. Training and consulting services are available at discounted rates.


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Is your company prepared for the FLSA changes to the salary threshold of the Exempt/Non-Exempt employee classification test?


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DID YOU KNOW TEA has compiled a flowchart showing practical guidelines and summary of FLSA regulations!

There are incalculable resources in the human spirit once it has been set free.

West Michigan is fortunate to have a diverse business base but we are not immune from increasing legislative restrictions on the way we work. The Association is a reliable resource built upon long-term relationships and business partnerships to help you handle these realities by providing practical HR Solutions that promote operational excellence and business sustainability.

We are a not-for-profit membership organization founded in 1939 to inform you of changing workplace regulations. We help you deal with “those things you do not control” so you can concentrate on the things you can – operational efficiency and profitability. Here is a summary of the services we offer. To learn more, call me directly, contact Ron Scott or look further within our website to learn how you can become a member!

David J. Smith, CAE 
President & CEO

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    TEA is Hiring - Affirmative Action Coordinator
    Work with Excel datasets, Word documents, Adobe Acrobat, and Affirmative Action software to prepare the required analyses and narratives for member companies' Affirmative Action Plans. More details.
    TEA's 2016/17 Wage & Salary Survey Report
    The questionnaire is closed - thank you for your participation! Watch for results mid-November. Questions? Contact Marla.
    Technology Changes Are Coming for Members
    We are pleased to inform you of a major electronic transition taking place - a transformation that will allow you to better access information, register for classes, update your contact information and communicate with our staff. More details
    Interview Questions That Could Get You in Trouble
    The following is a representative list of questions which are commonly answered incorrectly with a short analysis of each explaining whether it is advisable to ask and why.... More in our featured article from recent Executive Update Newsletter.